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    最后登錄時間: 6 个月前
    何時加入吾網: 11 年前
    國際/地區: BRAZIL
    年齡: 39


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    情感狀況: 不告訴你
    我的手機型號: Nokia 500
    我喜歡: Sports, Movies, Games
    我討厭: Falsehood hypocritical demagoguery inconsistency
    最愛的音樂: Rap, Rock, Pop
    最愛的電影: Suspense, Horror, Science Fiction, Action
    最愛的書籍: The Prince Machiavelli
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    *The only people who need to have in your life are the ones that prove, under any circumstance, they need you in their lives...



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    2 年前
    Value yourself ...
    Focus on yourself, any kind of relationships have to be, win-win ... surround yourself with people who bring out the best of us!
    A list of well-resolved people do not validate self-destructive attitudes, but perceive and care for each other ... when it is essential.
    By conditioning self-esteem, feelings, an external source, sex, games, tests, need for control, it is just a distorted perception.
    Validate yourself, this is power!
    We should not allow relationships, interactions ... to overcome our self-love.

    By Aldenir Nascimento
    2 年前
    Dates ...
    it's just dates, cycles ...
    giving meaning is limiting oneself, experience, the value of feelings and one's own life ...
    The initial start, what is meant by the beginning of life, the birth, unfold in cycles, the richness is in the integration of the celebrations, growth, which we have the most sublime and singular, the essence.
    Cycles open and close, develop, share and share, add value, feelings, life ...

    Wins, gifts, parties ... are bonuses, renew the infinite possibilities ... the cycle of life, this is understanding!

    Prosperity wishes Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

    By Aldenir Nascimento
    2 年前
    Understanding yourself in the macro and the micro, internally aligned in essence... Connecting to yourself and not unconscious and generic subjective external experiences...[references]
    Individuality is the responsibility beyond polarities...
    Finally the conscious perception of the relative and the absolute, the individual and the collective... inseparably interconnected. We are whole, complete, totally contained...
    "Transcending into coherence transforms reality."

    Individuation, principle of individualization, or "principium individuationis" [in Latin of individual, which in turn derives from "individuus": indivisible] describes the way in which one thing is identified as distinct from other, independent, unique, singularity ...

    *Synthesizing understanding yourself internally without #reactivities [externally...] dissolving polarities... archetypes, program, conditioning...

    By Aldenir Nascimento...
    2 年前

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